Promoting the enjoyment of Amateur Radio in Herefordshirehereford_location

An Amateur Radio Club for Hereford was started as far back as 1947, becoming Hereford Amateur Radio Society twenty years later in 1967. The club continues to flourish and there are at present over 40 members.

HARS is a well established club supporting the Radio Amateur community of Herefordshire and offering a warm welcome to  fellow Amateur Radio operators and short-wave listeners from the surrounding counties.

Recently the club has been actively involved with contests, organised talks and social gatherings. The monthly club nights are regularly supported by Amateur Radio enthusiasts from varying walks of life and backgrounds offering a valuable source of advice on all aspects of radio communications.

The HARS club meetings take place at Newton, south of Leominster on a site that is sometimes used for a club station.  

Our Radio Society is proud to be the custodian of two repeaters, GB3HC, GB3ZA, which offer 2m and 70cms coverage of much of the county centred on Hereford itself. Furthermore, operates under the callsigns G3YDD and G6YDD for most activities, including contests.

An important aspect of the club is that of training to both Foundation and Intermediate levels.

If you are interested in joining HARS then either click on the button below to send an email to our club secretary, giving your name and a message if you wish, or just turn up; it’s that easy. We look forward to meeting you.

HARS meets on the first Friday of each month at 19:30 and is located the QTH of Geoff G8BPN, (Please visit the ‘About us’ page for further information on the location).



Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries on this or other training courses.

The training courses are conducted at the club house, near Leominster.

All inquiries are usually responded to by return.

Dave: training@herefordradioclub.uk