23cms April 2017 UKAC Results

As you can see, we have moved up to 3rd on the band. This is made more impressive by the fact that for April we only had 3 members active.
HARS 23cms position April 2017
Dave G4ASR led the way with his 2 watts getting us 709 normalised points, however Alan G7RHF went out portable and really did the business with his modest set up, netting us 618 normalised points. It is great to see Alan’s scores improve on a month by month basis, he tried portable in February and struggled from his site, but has since moved to his old stomping ground just North of Church Stretton and has done considerably better. This is the beauty of contesting as it allows you to make plenty of QSOs and see if altering¬† variables makes your results better.
23cms member position April 2017
I brought up the rear on the band in the group, however I was pleased with my 6 QSOs in about 40 mins on FM only. I had band practice that evening, so on my way home I pulled in on the A4117 at Clee Hill and set up the Alinco DJ-G7 Handheld and connected it to a 16 ele beam (Comet) on a camera lighting tripod, then by using the chatting site, ON4KST, arranged skeds with stations. They all seemed to hear my 1 watt on FM easily enough, this may be another tactic that I use again soon as I worked the same stations on 1 watt FM in 40 mins that I usually do from home with 10 watts on SSB in 150 minutes.

Here is a link to the Alinco HH, they’re normally regularly seen on eBay around the ¬£200 mark, but they also do 5 watts on 2m and 70cm.


I have also looked at these Hungarian made Transverters, I believe Stuart G3WRA has bought one of these, they’re made by a company called SG Labs and are driven by a 2m radio. Stuart can no doubt tell you the price, but I think they’re in the region on ¬£150 – A lot of SOTA activators are starting to use these due to their lightweight nature and 2 watts with a beam on 23cm is pretty good.


Some food for thought if you’re thinking of becoming active on 23cm.

73 all

Matt G8XYJ
(posted by Steve G1YBB)

144MHz March 2017 UKAC Results

Hello All

Just a quick one to say that the 2m results for March are out.

Local club standings 144MHz UKAC Mar 2017We are up to 2nd place. Well done guys a great effort by all involved, 2m is the most competitive band, so we are doing really well. We have moved up a place each month so far on this band, the next leap will be the hardest as Sheffield are rather dominant on 2m as well as the many other bands (They have been at this contesting game a lot longer than us though)

HARS members results 144MHz UKAC Mar 2017144MHz member position March 2017That is the monthly breakdown above. Well done to Steve G1YBB/P on winning the AL section of the 3rd month in the row. Equally, well done to Craig M0BUL who came 2nd in AR with only half the power that he could’ve used.
It is not all about the section winners, even the odd QSO here and there makes all the difference, great to see Phil G4HQB breaking his duck and joining us on these contests.

This has not altered our Overall standing, we are still in 4th, however, it will certainly help to close the gap.

73 all
Matt G8XYJ HARS Contest Captain
(posted by Steve G1YBB)