H.A.R.S Activities

HARS is dedicated to the advancement of Amateur Radio and Social enjoyment


Future Programme. The following past, present and future programme was noted.

5th April 2019: AGM at Hill House
3rd May: Julian Dent, Insurance for the Amateur
7th June: Ray Hill (G0IMO), demo of ATV
12th July (note: this is 2nd Friday): Dave Hobro, Homebrew
2nd August: Junk Sale and Auction
4th August: Sunday – HARS BBQ
6th Sept: Show and Tell evening
4th Oct: Natter Night. Social
1st Nov: TBA
6th Dec: Mince pies & funny hats. Social
The H.A.R.S members provide updates to this website page periodically, please check back for more information on future events.