HARS is dedicated to the advancement of Amateur Radio and Social enjoyment

H.A.R.S Contests

Contesting (sometimes referred to as Sport Radio) is a great way to advance your station and operating skills. It also turns an often very quiet band into one that is buzzing with activity and gives you the chance to workstations in new squares and new DX you may not normally be able to contact. You don’t need to be a super-station or top operator to work many stations. Everyone can have a go!

If you want to see how the club is progressing on the RSGB VHF UKAC contest series then take a look below:

Contesting Progress

H.A.R.S. 1nd

H.A.R.S. 2nd

H.A.R.S. 3rd

H.A.R.S. 4th

H.A.R.S. 5th

H.A.R.S. 6th

David Butler. G4ASR

David Butler. G4ASR

Contest Captain

David Butler. G4ASR

To visit the RSGB site and directly access the UKAC results click on the appropriate link below:

Overall HARS Club Standing


HARS 144 MHz
HARS 432 MHz
HARS 1296 MHz

All SSB contests run 20:00 until 22:30 LOCAL TIME

AO: OPEN Section – Multiple Antennas and up to 400 watts (160 Watts on 4m)
AR: RESTRICTED Section – Single Antenna and up to 100 Watts (40 Watts on 4m)
AL: LOW POWER Section – Single Antenna and up to 10 Watts (4 Watts on 4m)

A few club members are active in the RSGB HF CC series of events. These have SSB, CW and Data contests so there is an event for all operator preferences.
These run on weekday evenings and only run for 1·5 hours so not a marathon session at all. The day of the week tends to vary each month so it’s worth checking the RSGB HF Calendar.

HARS 80m CC standing