Upcoming Events 

HARS is dedicated to the advancement of Amateur Radio and Social enjoyment

H.A.R.S Events

Arrangements for talks as follows:


6th April (AGM) followed by a talk on RSGB online exams by Dave Wilson.

4th May –  David Butler to give a talk on transverter interfacing (agreed talk).

26th May – Airfield on the Air – Madley Airfield event.

1st June – Aspects of Radio Astronomy – David Morgan (agreed talk).

6th July – Talk on using Minos and N1MM – Derek (G3WAG)

3rd Aug – Talk on Data Comms FT8 – Bob (G3IXZ).

7th Sept – “Show and Tell” – members to bring equipment in and talk about it.

5th Oct – Poss. demo. of 3D printing. Nigel (G4XTF).

20-21st Oct – Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) Hereford Bluecoat School.

2nd Nov – The ‘L’ Band Matrix – Mike G3LZM